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A large amount of content is made available via this website. We must remind you that no such resource can hope to be 100% complete, and that this content is not tailored in full consideration of your personal environment.

Scope and accuracy of content

The Rocna Knowledge Base is made available to the public for informational purposes only. Such a wide scope of material cannot be covered in its entirety, and no guarantee can be made that this information is up-to-date or accurate. Some articles provide technical details which may not be relevant for all manufacturers of the products covered, and regional differences may imply other variations. Direct conversions between measuring systems, such as but not limited to metric and imperial, may not be possible in all cases. Some articles provide summaries of regional or international law which is a guide only and not to be relied upon as professional legal advice.

Input from other parties

The Rocna Knowledge Base lists and reproduces a substantial bulk of material which is quoted from and attributed to other parties which are independent of Rocna Anchors. The opinions of these parties are not necessarily those of Rocna Anchors or its partners.

The Rocna Knowledge Base, Good Seamanship, and You

At no time should the information on this website be considered a substitute for the skills and knowledge demanded by an acceptable level of good seamanship. Neither Rocna Anchors nor our contributing partners can accept any responsibility for independent decisions or actions undertaken by the designer or builder of any vessel, nor its skipper or crew when under operation.

If you believe any of the information on the Rocna Knowledge Base is in error, please get in touch and let us know about it.