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The content on the Rocna Knowledge Base is protected by copyright laws in New Zealand and your own country. Details are provided below.

Use of our content

You are free to link to any content publicly available on this site. You do not need to ask for permission, just go ahead. We ask that you only link to articles and website pages – please do not link directly to any files such as PDFs and images.

If you wish to instead reproduce or otherwise make use of any of the content on this website, please get in touch.

Intellectual property protection

The Rocna Knowledge Base and its content, including photos and any downloads, and all other distributed media is copyright © Rocna Anchors 2004 – 2014 unless otherwise stated. Some content may be copyright © its respective owners and licensed for use by Rocna Anchors. All rights reserved. No component of this site or other media may be copied nor otherwise reproduced without the express permission of Rocna Anchors. The 'Kiwi-R' logo is a trademark ™ and the name "Rocna" is a registered trademark ® of Rocna Anchors.

The Rocna anchor itself is protected by various designs and patents. For more information, please consult the intellectual property notice linked to from the main Rocna Anchors website.