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This is the Rocna Anchors knowledge base project

A collection of information and material relating to anchors, accessories, and using them
– made available to you by Rocna Anchors and partners.

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Rocna anchors

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  • Chain: selecting grade and size, and understanding terms from 'WLL' and 'calibrated' to 'high-test' and 'high tensile'.
  • Rope: choosing anchor rode lays and materials with a mind to performance, durability, and chafe resistance.
  • Using dedicated snubbers for shock absorption.
  • A concise guide to optimizing rode for performance and practicality.


Overviews and recommendations for connecting the rode to the anchor, from a look at the ideal shackles for use with anchors, to the question of swivels and righting swivels.

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On deck

Back on the boat are many crucial parts of any anchoring system, from the windlass to chain stops, concerns and solutions regarding chafe protection for rope, and counting chain & rode deployed.

Advice on bow rollers is provided in the Anchors section.

Other accessories


  • The Rocna User's Guide may be of interest.
  • Questions concerning setting and retrieval of the Rocna are common. Some advice concerning setting in difficult bottom types, and retrieval if the anchor is holding a little too well.
  • A popular debate: scope vs catenary. Long rode lengths, or heavy chain? The answers are out there.
  • Rigging more than one anchor can be very helpful or necessary, albeit introducing complications.

Partners section

A collection of material and information for Rocna resellers and partners. You need to be logged in with a user account to view this section.

To access the Partners section, click here: Partners:Main