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All content regarding anchor accessories particularly. For resources on anchors and anchoring generally, please refer to the respective sections.



Chain types, grades, specifying size, and overview of key attributes.


Rope lays, materials, specifying for anchor rode, and overview of key attributes.


An option for dedicated shock absorption in your anchor rode.

Rode optimizations

Optimal rode make-up depending on your requirements, and anchoring performance implications of catenary, scope, and shock absorption.



Sizes, grades, and types of the basic connector between anchor and chain.


A swivel may be required in place of, or in addition to, a shackle.

Righting swivels

These swivels orientate the anchor correctly before it reaches the roller to provide better behavior during retrieval.

On deck


A brief guide to the various configurations of windlasses and capstans available.

Chain stops

A mechanical stop between the windlass and bow roller is an important addition to most foredecks.

Chafe protection

Managing and avoiding chafe on rope is a critical requirement in any anchor system.

Counting chain

A system to keep track of how much rode has been deployed is a trivial but important requirement.

Other accessories

Buoyed retrieval line

In foul ground, this is the fail-safe method by which to ensure easy recovery of the anchor.

Kellets and buoys

Devices purported to magically improve the anchor's performance – an overview of myth and reality.

Riding sails

Special purpose sails rigged at the aft of a vessel to dampen yawing when at anchor.

Anchor signals

International and regional legalities along with local customs can create confusing requirements.

Bow rollers

For material on bow rollers, refer to the Anchors section

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