Grand Banks 46

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Grand Banks 46

Manufacturer or yard: Grand Banks
Model / series: NA or not provided
Number: 46
Designer(s): Not provided
Approx LOA: 14 m / 46'
Approx displacement: 19.5 metric tonnes / 42,960 lb

Rocna bow compatibility

When fitting a Rocna to a Grand Banks 46, we found it was easier to upsize to a Rocna 40; this allowed to roll-bar to go in front of the bowsprit, and gives the owner significant peace of mind.

The standard Grand Banks set-up has a secondary bow roller sitting on top of the bowsprit which prevents the Rocna being fitted. By removing this extra and unnecessary bow roller, a top performing premium anchor set-up can be achieved.

To remove the top bow roller, remove all bolts – you will then find the roller is held firmly in place by 52100. To shear the roller off the bow, place a strong rope onto the top bail pin of the roller, put rope around capstan and load up gently until you hear the roller move. Remove the roller. There may be a small piece of fiberglass removed from end of bowsprit; we fitted a small piece of king board (polyethylene sheet) as a little stop for the roll-bar. A strip of nonskid sheeting fitted over the existing holes gave a clean install.

We also fitted an anchor retention turnbuckle – this was fitted by putting a ring-bolt through the forehead starboard windlass hold-down position. We removed the standard bolt and fitted a ring-bolt, M8x90mm. We put a 1/2" shackle through the swivel that was fitted and connected our modified turnbuckle to this. This gave a fully held home anchor whilst taking the load off the windlass.

The owner has been very happy with the performance of his anchor and the ease of the install.

– Anchor World Australia


Grand Banks 46 photo 2
Grand Banks 46 photo 2  
Grand Banks 46 photo 3
Grand Banks 46 photo 3  

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