Garcia Exploration 45

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Garcia Exploration 45
Manufacturer or yard: Garcia
Model / series: Exploration
Number: 45
Designer(s): Not provided
Approx LOA: 14 m / 46'
Approx displacement: 14.1 metric tonnes / 31,100 lb
Rocna-icon.png This boat is either designed for, specified with (ex-factory), or sold with (ex-agent):
a Rocna 33 (73 lb)

Sizes are specified by the manufacturer or agent. This size may or may not be consistent with our sizing recommendations for this vessel!

Rocna or Vulcan anchor bow compatibility

The stemhead has been built to accommodate the Rocna anchor.

Designed in conjunction with Jimmy Cornell, the Exploration 45 is a new sailboat intended sail around the world with the participants of the Blue Planet Odyssey who transit the Northwest Passage. She is named Aventura IV, in line with Jimmy’s previous boats. Read more about her here:

Photoset – Jimmy Cornell's Aventura IV

The anchor shown in these photos is a Rocna 33 (73 lb).

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