Compromis 888

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Compromis 888
Manufacturer or yard: Zaadnoordijk, The Netherlands
Model / series: Compromis
Number: 888
Designer(s): Frans Maas
Approx LOA: 8.8 m / 29'
Approx displacement: 4 metric tonnes / 8,800 lb

Rocna or Vulcan anchor bow compatibility

Rocna 10

The bow of the Compromis 888 is designed for plow type anchors like the CQR and will not accommodate the Rocna by default. But with a relative small adaptation of the bow roller I made, a perfect fit has been achieved. The roller has been moved approximately 45 millimetres (1.8”) in front and a bit lower than the original position. A small stainless steel plate protects the gel coat of the bow from accidental hits by the anchor point.

Photoset – Compromis 888

The anchor shown in these photos is a Rocna 10 (22 lb).

Photoset – Compromis 888 mod

The anchor shown in these photos is a Rocna 10 (22 lb).

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